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backing tracks for instant mp3 Download or shipment on CD or mini disc

Carefully produced with real instruments for vocalists and entertainers, our mp3 backing tracks and backing accompaniments are also ideal for singing auditions.

No backing vocals - unless indicated - and No Fadeout Endings!

Lots of Male songs in Female keys

Click any Listen play button to listen to part of the track and check the key.

Amazing discounts available - pay as little as 2.10 per backing track

- Buy 1 or 2 tracks and pay the normal price of 3.50 per song*
- Buy 3 or 4 to get 20% discount and pay only 2.80 per song*
- Buy 5 or more to get 30% discount and pay only 2.45 per song*
- Buy 10 or more tracks to get 40% discount and pay only 2.10 per song*

* Medleys are priced individually but still count as tracks for discount purposes.

Click here to view a printable list of all our titles.

Featured Backing Tracks

Preview buttonConstantly

Cliff Richard - Backing track in key: C - record key - 2.5 mins



Move Over Darling

Preview buttonMove Over Darling

Doris Day - Backing track in key: G to A - record key - 2.6 mins



My Girl

Preview buttonMy Girl

The Temptations - Backing track in key: C to D - record key - 2.7 mins



We're Not Making Love Anymore

Preview buttonWe're Not Making Love Anymore

Barbra Streisand - Backing track in key: Bb to B - 4.8 mins




For the Good Times

Preview buttonFor the Good Times

Perry Como - Backing track in key: Eb - record key - 3.7 mins



The Bug

Preview buttonThe Bug

Mary Carpenter - Backing track in key: D - 3.2 mins





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