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Stevie Wonder
I Just Called To Say I Love You
Gender: Male
Key: A/B
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Tammy Wynette
One Stone At A Time
Gender: Female
Key: Eb
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Vince Hill
No Other Love Have I
Gender: Male
Key: F
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Cliff Richard
True Love Will Come To You (No Lead Guitar)
Gender: Male
Key: D
View Details

Cliff and The Shadows Reunited backing tracks

Below is a selection of backing tracks featured on the new Reunion DVD

Purposely mastered in various keys

Most tracks also available with no lead guitar

Female keys also available

  • Singing The Blues (Reunited)

  • Do You Wanna Dance (Reunited)

  • Sea Cruise (Reunited)

  • High Class Baby (Reunited)

  • C'mon Everybody (Reunited)

  • Please Don't Tease (Reunited)

  • Gee Whiz It's You (Reunited)

  • Don't Talk To Him (Reunited)

  • Dancing Shoes (Reunited)

  • Lucky Lips (Reunited)

  • I Could Easily Fall In Love With You (Reunited)

  • On The Beach (Reunited)

  • Move It (Reunited)

  • We Say Yeh (Reunited)

  • In The Country (Reunited)

  • It'll Be Me (Reunited)

  • Bachelor Boy (Reunited)

  • Visions (Reunited)

  • Many more Cliff songs can be found here

    • Produced and arranged by Jeff Daniels
      (some tracks under licence from other studios)
      Over 30 years experience
      3.50 a song and less (see discounts)
      Instant download in mp3 format 192kbps
      Also supplied on Audio CD/Mini Disc and USB
      Instant download from the website
      Customers will also receive a confirmation email
      containing the download link/s
      Your downloads will be available indefinitely
      by logging into your account and viewing "My Orders"

      Jeff Daniels supplies professional quality backing tracks
      for vocalists and musicians.
      Jeff has supplied music for cabaret,karaoke,
      theatre,schools and television.
      Check the demo's for keys and quality.
      Lots of songs available in lower keys than the originals.
      No fade out endings on any of the tracks supplied.
      Lyrics available free of charge.
      Huge discounts offered.

      Barclays EPDQ and Paypal offer secure
      online payments using your credit card.
      Search by artist or song in the search box
      or browse the A to Z listings (see categories)
      Please feel free to pick up the phone and ask me any questions.

      Contact :
      Telephone : +44 (0)1535 657698
      Fax : 0871 2476676
      Write to : Jeff Daniels
      15, Linton Avenue
      Silsden. Keighley
      West Yorkshire
      BD20 9LE

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